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"Getting to know someone is not a task--it's an art"
- Pierce LeBlanc

Do you find yourself at a point in your relationship where you are questioning how you could have possibly gotten to where you are or even what brought you together in the first place? Is there a specific relationship stressor, like an unexpected life change or loss you aren't sure how to traverse together? Especially when all was so full of promise, it's just so unbelievable how the most important relationship in our life can become so, well, difficult.

The couple relationship is the most dynamic representation of opposites. On one hand, it is the most powerful tool for transformation that exists. On the other, it can take us to the absolute limit of our ability to understand, or just stand, another human being. The system it creates is not just one of two individuals, but of a dynamic synergy of interrelatedness stuck in the folds of unconscious agreements. More simply, nothing like a relationship to bring out the very best and very worst in us at the same time!

My work with couples is very systemic and oriented to the Imago philosophy; that the relationship we choose to create is not just for our pleasure, but for our learning. The very nature of couples' interaction will bring up any unresolved past issues and challenge our first reaction to blame the other and we all know where that gets us. I have a very special commitment to relationships and their power and would love the opportunity to guide you out of the traps we all fall into.

Couples, Therapy or Therapeutic Coaching:
Nature of work: Systemic; integrative; both "talk" therapy & experiential work; cognitive; focus on both achieving goals and understanding/releasing old patterns/belief systems/habits; "homework"

Usual Structure: Three to Six hours per month; Can be weekly 1.5 hour, two 3 hour sessions or intensive work of up to six hours

Contract/Agreement: Requested, 3 months minimum (for Therapeutic Coaching work only)

Who benefits: Couples in conflict, confusion or crisis, struggling to understand and break through negative dynamics and patterns, both willing to commit to the work

Cost: Upon request: Free introductory session (insurance reimbursed in many cases)